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Our ICO has ended. Thank you all.

Our Lending and Exchanger will be ready very soon.

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About Us

Riseconnect is a self-regulated financial payment and investment fund that wants to be independent, without governmental or private intermediaries. Our network runs without having a central server, so all transactions are from person to person and they’re also anonymous, which means that there’s nothird parties involved and everything you’re going to need is a client software and a wallet address.

  • About RiseCoin (RIC)

    The RIC supply will only have 30 million coins, so the number of coins it’s going to be limited. We’ll be managing a deflationary economy to ensure to all of our users the increase price of our currency in the long term. The PoW system will give security to our network, stability and legitimacy.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to position ourselves as the most used investment platform on the cryptocurrency world. Offering to our users a highly profitable and sustainable investment modality in the market and so demonstrate our professionalism and ambition.

  • Vision

    Our long-term vision is to be a coin of regular use when the market of cryptocurrency becomes massive. Where people can deposit their money with confidence and so giving them stability, profitability and growth of their capital. We plan that we can educate people in an agile and didactic way so they could integrate with us and in that order of ideas, attract more people and massify our business.

  • Work With Us

    Do you want to make money and get multiple benefits? ¡This is your chance!

    In RISECONNECT we are looking for people like you, wanting to grow professionally in a market full of opportunities.You will have the possibility to grow economically by educating, promoting, making known our platform and the advantages of investing with us.

    ¡Stay connected to know how to apply and belong to our team!

Opportunities with RIC

¿What can you do with Riseconnect?


Initial Coin Offering

The initial coin offering (ICO) of Riseconnect will be launched on December 10 until December 25, 2017 by selling 6,000,000 RICs for 15 days.

The ICO is divided into 5 Phases, which will take place at three-day intervals.

All RICs that are not sold in each of the phases will be frozen, reserved and will be burned at the end of the ICO


Very soon you will be able to exchange currency with any of these providers

Affiliate Program

ICO-Referral bonus: 7%

(only valid during the ICO period.)

Referral bonus from Lending investment.

This program starts at the launch of the Lending platform.

Level 1: 5%

Level 2: 3%

Level 3: 2%

Residual bonus.

From lending interest

Level 1: 2%

Level 2: 1%

Level 3: 0.5%




At Riseconnect, we bet on global digitalization.

RiC Pay

The RIC Pay - Mastercard debit card allows users to upload, transfer and spend in Bitcoin and RIC, for purchases and withdrawals at ATM’s.

Mobile App

With our mobile application you’ll have many benefits like:

  • Being aware of the latest news in on our platform.
  • Have all the support and help from the customer service team of Riseconnect.
  • Receive and send RIC’s, staking and lending.
  • Store and monitor your coins.

Desktop Wallet

We’re developing a light wallet, which prioritizes the user's anonymity through a coin-mixing service to hinder the tracking of the purse owner.Will be available in macOS and windows. With this light wallet you can:

  • Receive and send RICs , staking and lending.
  • Store your coins.